Friday 24th January 2020 ‘Lanark Limelight’ Sales Report

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Friday 24th January

The Lanark Limelight sale of in lamb females saw trade good in all classes especially the best quality. The pre sale show ably judged by Mrs Hamilton, Gilmeadowland.  Texel Gimmers topped at 700gns from Galla for the show reserve champion.  She sold carrying triplets to Craighead Commander and found a new home with Mrs Pirie, Machrihanish, Campbeltown.  Texel ewe Hogg sold to 300gns twice from Currie, Burnholm and from C Toy, Westwood Lane.  Beltex in lamb gimmers sold to 380 gns twice from Barclay, Mid-Brochloch.

Prize Winners:-

Class 1 - In-Lamb Gimmer (3 forward)

1st – JW Frame, Galla (Lot 8)

2nd –H M Jackson & Son, Wolfclyde (Lot 2)

3rd – T & I Walling, Whitlaw (Lot 7)

Class 2 – Empty Ewe Hogg (4 forward)

1st – H Currie, Burnholm (Lot 17)

2nd – C A Toy, Westwood Lane (Lot 11)

3rd – H Currie, Burnholm (Lot 18)

4th – C A Toy, Westwood Lane (Lot 14)

Overall Champion - H Currie, Burnholm (Lot 17)

Reserve Champion - JW Frame, Galla (Lot 8)

Principal Prices:


Galla 700gns, 450gns, 400gns

Wolfclyde 650gns (twice), 420gns

Whitlaw 500gns, 400gns


Beachy 380gns, 380gns, 320gns


Burnholm 300gns (twice).

Westwood Lane 300gns, 220gns

The Bluefaced Leicester section saw a strong trade for the best end on offer topping at £1200 twice for in lamb gimmers from Wight, Midlock and both finding a new home with Messrs Armour, Milton, Beattock.  The pre sale show was ably judged by Miss Louise McArthur, Cretlevane who awarded her champion to a ewe hogg from Messrs Fallows, Burnton which went on to realise £1100 and sold to the judge.

Prize Winners:-

Class 1 – In-Lamb Gimmer (7 forward)

1st – J Wight & Son, Midlock (Lot 67)

2nd – A Brown, Macqueston (Lot 39)

3rd – F Robertson, Beeches (Lot 57)

4th – J Nisbet, Nisbets (Lot 29)

Class 2 – Empty Ewe Hogg (10 forward)

1st – S & T Fallows, Burnton (Lot 54)

2nd – A Brown, Macqueston (Lot 40)

3rd – Park & Mills, S.P.Dalpeddar (Lot 59)

4th – S & T Fallows, Burnton (Lot 53)

5th – M R Thornborrow, Dawyck (Lot 66)

Champion - S & T Fallows, Burnton (Lot 54)

Reserve Champion - J Wight & Son, Midlock (Lot 67)

Principle Prices:-


Midlock £1200 (twice),  £1000

Beeches £1050

Nisbets £680

Macqueston £520


Burnton £1100

S.P.Dalpeddar £520


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